About Beautitarian

In the era where everyone has a place to show themselves, people became more aware of their appearance, especially women. This issue had an effect on Indonesia's Cosmetics industry growth and Customers knowledge and needs. In fast-paced information, Customers are getting smarter and more selective on product they use.

Referred to Ministry of Industrial Research, Indonesian customers have strong preference for Halal products. It applied to both Muslim and non-muslim customers with consideration of raw material hygiene and production process that up to national standards.

Beautitarian as a newcomer in the cosmetic industry in Indonesia has developed products that can meet the need and standard of these educated customers.

Beautitarian does not only delivering a beauty product, but we also deliver value, a philosophy that everyone is beautiful and we courage our customer to believ it as an act of loving themselves. Beautitarian takes a position as a customers companion to celebrate their beauty and elevate it.

Beautitarian derives fro word Beauty and suffix -arian. Both terms combined together have meaning of One that believes in beauty. Beautitarian believes that everyone is beautiful and we aspire to help our community to celebrate their beauty.

To do so, we are positioning ourself as friend. A friend that encourages her friend to be confident, a friend that reminds her friend that they are beautiful, and a friend that encourage and love theirself.

Beautitarian is not only the name of a cosmetic brand. It is also the way people to see their beauty and the way to enhance it. Most people, especially women, have tendency to feel insecure about themselves and it impacts to their confidence level.

We want to inspire people to celebrate their beauty. We want to remind people that everbody is beautiful, you have to be focus on yourself, treat yourself with a good product, and love yourself.

We want to be a friend for all. A friend who encourages her friends to be more confident. A friend who shows her friends that they are beautiful, they just need to treat themselves better and feel good about themselves. And a friend who encouraged her friend to appreciate themselves.

We established in 2017 and until now we do not encourage people to be like a model, but we encourage them to be a better version of themselves. Whoever they are. 

Formula ini beda deh dari liquid lipstick multi fungsi lainnya. Beautitarian memiliki tekstur yang ringan dan cukup cair, tapi uniknya tetap mudah untuk diaplikasikan sebagai blush atau eyeshadow. terasa sangat nyaman di bibir dan ringan banget! Nggak ada sensasi bibir terasa kering atau ketarik.

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