About Product

We are developing the best value decorative cosmetics product. We make quality as our priority because we believe the cosmetics product need to be comforting while used, pigmented, safe, and since we are going to enter Indonesian market, halal is one of the important features to consider.

Since the customer are getting smarter, more selective, and have more need and wand, we believe we can make it because we develop a good value product that will meet customers need and want.

According to research from Ministry of Industrial, customers in Indonesia have a big desire fo Halal product, not only for Muslims customer but also a number of other non-Muslim customer with consideration of hygiene of raw materials sources and good management process, in accordance with prevailing security standards. That is why we develop halal product, not only self-claiming halal, we also get certification from Indonesia Ulama Council (MUI). Eventhough Indonesian Agency of Food and Drug Control (BPOM RI) allows Paraben on cosmetics in certain amount, but we realize, customer more selective and more specific of what kind of product they are using. And many of them already knows paraben might be harmful for their health and cause cancer. That is why we choose to not using Paraben on our product.

And to support more health lifestyle, some people becoming vegan. Some people believe being vegan is great for their health. Being vegan also means loving animals, and that is why we againts the product animal testing and choose to develop vegan product.

Being halal, vegan, paraben free, and cruelty free does not mean we cannot have a good and long lasting formula. We are developing a friendly and comfortable formula that can use by everyone, because when customers love what they wear, we believe they will be more confident and more beautiful also. And we also build a long-lasting formula that everyone will love.

Formula ini beda deh dari liquid lipstick multi fungsi lainnya. Beautitarian memiliki tekstur yang ringan dan cukup cair, tapi uniknya tetap mudah untuk diaplikasikan sebagai blush atau eyeshadow. terasa sangat nyaman di bibir dan ringan banget! Nggak ada sensasi bibir terasa kering atau ketarik.

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